Marijke Verhavert

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Marijke Verhavert, director of TomorrowLab, is an empowered strategist and passionated speaker with a proven track record of more than 20 years of experience in government, business, digitalisation and innovation.

artificial intelligence

From foresight strategy to execution, she's a master at translating future trends and uncertainties insights into efficient program portfolios and execution

Marijke has had the privilege to be part of different management committees that led her into a career in strategic future foresight, where she starts from understanding trends and uncertainties to address strategic challenges. Due to he broad professional expertise, Marijke is your go-to speaker in a broad domain of strategy, innovation and digitalization topics.

Keynote topics of Marijke:

  • Who wants to know the future? : this is not just a question; it is more than a call to dreamers, curious and visionaries who thirst for discoveries and yearn to pierce the veil of the present. This call to action does not just challenge us to think. It is about recognising our role as co-authors in the unfolding story of what is to come. So when asked the question "Who wants to know the future?", this is an invitation to join a group of thinkers, innovators and leaders ready to face the ambiguity of the future with willingness and determination. It opens a door to a shared expedition not only filled with insights but also ripe for transformation.
  • The future of … <your industry>
  • Digital business of the future
  • The future of AI

By the end of the different sessions, you’ll gain not only insights on the topic but actionable strategies to infuse these principles into your business. The presentation can be customized according to your needs. The keynote session will offer room for interaction with the audience. Languages in which the keynote can be given are Dutch & English.

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