Joachim De Vos

Joachim De Vos keynote

Joachim has various keynotes about scenario planning, his book "Why Innovation Fails"... A keynote of Joachim is the perfect starting point for every CIO and innovation lead.

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Do you understand the importance of the future, but don't know where to go? The keynotes of Joachim De Vos give you a good understanding of scenario planning and its role in business operations.

Joachim De Vos is a seasoned keynote speaker with experience in foresight, AI, scenario planning and healthcare.

He recently launched his book:
"Why Innovations Fail - The 7 keys to success" in which he bundles all his knowledge and experiences of the past 27 years.

Would you like to invite him to outline the future? Do you realise that everything is evolving rapidly and that you cannot stay behind? Joachim De Vos' keynote gives you that first step ahead.

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