Ehsan Karimi Rad


Ehsan Karimi Rad Domain Lead Innovation and Strategy at TomorrowLab

With over 15 years of experience at the intersection of innovation, strategy, technology, and business development, Ehsan brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the forefront of discussions surrounding the future of work.


Embark on an enlightening journey into the Future of Work with Ehsan Karimi Rad, a visionary strategist and seasoned leader at TomorrowLab.

Join Ehsan as he navigates the complexities of tomorrow, offering actionable strategies and empowering organisations to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

Keynote: "Navigating Tomorrow: The Future of Work Unveiled"

In this engaging keynote, Ehsan sheds light on the rapidly evolving landscape of work in the digital age. Drawing from extensive research and hands-on experience, Ehsan explores the transformative impacts of technology, AI, and shifting workforce dynamics on organisations worldwide.

Keynote Highlights:

  • Insights from the Frontlines: Gain valuable insights from Ehsan's firsthand experience conducting workshops with a diverse range of organisations, uncovering the challenges and opportunities they face in adapting to the Future of Work.
  • Practical Applications: Explore practical applications and real-world scenarios showcased through Ehsan's design and implementation of demos at the Digital Experience Center of Living Tomorrow, offering tangible examples of the future of work in action.
  • Strategies for Transformation: Discover actionable strategies and best practices for organisations to remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape, including the importance of rapid reskilling, lifelong learning, and embracing agile methodologies.
  • Empowering Organisations for Success: Experience Ehsan's dynamic keynote presentations, filled with thought-provoking discussions and actionable insights, designed to inspire and empower organisations to thrive in the digital era.

Join Ehsan Karimi Rad as he unveils the future of work and guides organisations on a path to success in the ever-evolving workplace of tomorrow. What are you waiting for?

Languages: English and Dutch


Thanks again for your inspiring speech, I enjoyed it and found it very insightful. Multiple people were still discuss it during our sessions afterwards and lunch, so definitely food for thought.

Diana Schneider - Strategic Design Consultant Carmeuse

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