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Xella BIM

The construction of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus has begun. We investigate how the building process is evolving today and in the future. Xella is present as a trendsetter in new building with its advanced building systems.

The construction of the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus has begun. We investigate how the building process is evolving today and in the future. Xella is present as a trendsetter in new building with its advanced building systems.

As a partner of Living Tomorrow, Xella, a pioneer in the digital BIM building process, has been at the table since the engineering phase.

Xella blue.sprint - digital service

The construction industry is experiencing exciting times. Digitalization of the building process is a fact and brings with it new forms of collaboration, which involve all building partners at an early stage. By using Xella blue.sprint, the digital BIM service, the collaboration with Living Tomorrow for the new campus is streamlined down to the detail level. A full virtual model is created with all Xella materials digitally optimized. The Xella blue.sprint BIM department delivers the models with all relevant data. This makes the execution significantly more efficient, reduces the error rate and saves on material and labour costs.

BIM right down to the job site with VR glasses

Already from 2018, Xella is exploring the application of mixed reality on the construction site. What is this exactly? Through a holographic lens, the site reality is mixed with digital information offered through the cloud, and one obtains the so-called "augmented reality". Xella goes a step further with the 'mixed reality' application. Here the digital information actively reacts to its environment, so that these elements are virtually indistinguishable from real life. It is thus a combination of virtual and real. This is what is needed on a site in progress and will result in faster construction, less failure costs, more support, up-to-date planning, perfect match between the BIM model and as built, ...

Materials of the future for a sustainable building

Innovation for sustainability is a key driver. Xella strives for cradle-to-cradle solutions that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Both the aerated concrete and calcium silicate products, which will be used art the campus, fit in with this aim. They score particularly well within the Nibe environmental rating and help the campus to achieve an excellent sustainable outcome. For example, they look forward to customized work without site waste, perfect just-in-time delivery to the site and environmentally friendly transport by ship.

All Xella aerated concrete and calcium silicate products consist exclusively of abundant natural raw materials, lime, cement, sand and water. No more energy is consumed in production than is strictly necessary and all materials can be almost completely reused. Within its circular economy strategy, Xella aims to be able to replace natural raw materials with waste as much as possible.

The partnership with Living Tomorrow is an excellent opportunity to share our experience in digitalization and progressive building systems.

Nicole Wuyts, marketing manager Xella

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