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The insurance sector is facing various challenges from shifting clients’ expectations, digital transformation and Big Data to new ways of working. As a leading insurance company, Baloise wants to contribute finding future-proof solutions to these challenges.

Christophe Hamal, new CEO of Baloise in Belgium: “Our company culture associates a rich tradition and a lot of experience with a strong sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. We want to be the inspiring partner for your tomorrow. We want to contribute to the future by creating innovative solutions. That’s a powerful vision we share with Living Tomorrow. We aim at creating added value for our clients and relieve them from as many worries as possible. Innovation is only possible if our colleagues and start-ups have enough freedom to try out new things. Together, we can provide answers about changing habits in mobility, housing, building, health and wellbeing.”

Three ecosystems in Belgium: home, mobility and wellbeing

On the Belgian market, Baloise continues its investments in three ecosystems to make customers’ lives simpler and more secure. In the Home ecosystem, Baloise and its partners provide complementary services in various areas: B'Cover by Baloise offers specific insurance for buildings in co-ownership, Immopass provides technical audits of buildings, Keypoint ensures an efficient repair-in-kind experience for claims and provides access to a network of qualitative and registered repairers and Rentio relieves the administrative burden of the rental process. In Mobility Baloise works with OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) through its Amazon brand providing innovative mobility solutions and with Drivolution, it also contributes to road safety and eco-friendly, sustainable driving both for retail and commercial customers.
The third ecosystem is focused on wellbeing where Baloise’s subsidiary B-Tonic offers solutions on physical as well as psychological well-being in collaboration with partners.

Living Tomorrow’s innovation platform as an inspiring place

Baloise sees the world as a place full of endless possibilities. By making time for its employees and its customers, Baloise wants to give them space to try new things and live their life to the fullest. Baloise encourages them to explore the world and develop their entrepreneurial spirit. “We want to be there for them, both today and tomorrow. Trying things out for the first time does not always work out as expected. But at Baloise, we do not see this as a failure. Instead, we take the view that we have learned something new for the future, true to the motto ‘Sometimes it works. Sometimes you learn’”, according to Hamal.

“We keep committing to our network of independent brokers who give personalized advice to fulfil our customers’ specific needs and wishes. But these needs and wishes evolve and we have to anticipate future changes. Living Tomorrow’s Innovation Platform is an inspiring place for monitoring future trends like smart mobility, smart homes and buildings and smart wellbeing. It connects us with a network of companies to refine our vision on these trends. Living Tomorrow allows us to share insights and best practices towards more convenience and simplicity for our customers”, Hamal concludes.

Our company culture associates a rich tradition and a lot of experience with a strong sense of entrepreneurship and innovation. We want to be the inspiring partner for your tomorrow. We want to contribute to the future by creating innovative solutions.

Christophe Hamal

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