Why Innovation Fails – the 7 keys to success

About the book

Why do businesses and organisations succeed so rarely in being truly innovative? Why is that a problem? And what solutions are there? Joachim De Vos, CEO of Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab, explains in his new book ‘Why innovation fails' in great detail where the bottlenecks are and provides the keys to change course. For more than 25 years, he has shared these experiences with business leaders, policy makers and innovation teams worldwide, helping them develop what he calls ‘future fitness’. Why? "Because we are not experiencing an era of change, but a change of era."

With "Why innovation fails - the 7 keys to success" you will learn from the common pitfalls in an innovation process, you will gain insight into the technological evolution of the next ten years and you will translate all these insights into a concrete approach to build a future-proof and successfully innovating organization.

You can order the book now in both English and Dutch.

About Joachim De Vos

Joachim De Vos is CEO of Living Tomorrow and Professor of Scenario Planning at Ghent University. He also founded the innovation and strategy consultancy firm TomorrowLab, developing future scenarios, dynamic strategies and alternative business models. Joachim travels the world to give innovation and foresight advice and presentations to business leaders, innovation teams and policy makers. He is also a famous keynote speaker. Find out more about his keynote opportunities.


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