TRIXXO and Living Tomorrow join forces to shape the future of work

Foto TRIXXO Living Tomorrow

TRIXXO, Belgium's fastest-growing service voucher and temporary employment specialist, signed a partnership with Living Tomorrow, the renowned conceptual innovation center. Through this collaboration, both parties commit to defining and shaping the workforces, workplaces and work processes of tomorrow, also known as 'The Future of Work’.


By participating in Living Tomorrow's project, TRIXXO lives up to its reputation as a trailblazer. "TRIXXO is delighted to be a part of this partnership with Living Tomorrow," says CEO Luc Jeurissen. "As pioneers in our sector, we are determined to help shape the future of work. Agility and embracing innovations are embedded in the DNA of TRIXXO. Leveraging our HR expertise alongside Living Tomorrow's experience, we intend to provide innovative work-related solutions to make and keep our workforce and partners future-proof. With TRIXXO, we want to become at least 100 years old by continuing to live up to our pioneering role not only today, but also tomorrow."

Living Tomorrow is renowned for its visionary outlook on the future. "As a community builder, we create an ecosystem of innovative companies, each with their own expertise to shape the world of tomorrow," explains Joachim De Vos, Managing Partner at Living Tomorrow. "By adding TRIXXO's expertise to this ecosystem, we can jointly offer solutions that cater to both the work-related needs of companies and employees while facilitating human connections."

Thomas & Tamara

Creating lasting impact

TRIXXO and Living Tomorrow are proactively assuming a leading role in providing sustainable added value to both talents and partners. As pioneers in their respective fields, their mission is to create a lasting impact in a future-oriented and dynamic world of work.

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