Recticel is one of the partners of Living Tomorrow. We see our partnership with Living Tomorrow as an extension of our innovation strategy.

Together with all other partners and the architects and contractors of this project, we want to further develop certain sustainable insulation concepts. The aim of these projects is to achieve lower CO2 emissions or increase productivity on the construction site, for example when measuring a roof via drones.

In addition, we also work together with other partners in a project called 'The facade of the future' to give insulation a more dynamic role and where the circularity and modularity of the system will be paramount. We strongly believe that we have to think more and more in terms of systems and solutions. The collaboration with Living Tomorrow is obviously a great asset for us.

Meanwhile, the construction of this new Innovation Campus has reached its highest point. The highest floor has been completed, with which the impressive tower has reached its maximum height of 49 meters. The contractor is working here with our insulation. This building has great ambitions in terms of sustainability. How do Recticel's insulation solutions contribute to this?

Stijn Boury, Product Development Manager Recticel Insulation: "It was decided to insulate the roof with Eurothane Silver insulation boards and Eurothane Silver A tapered insulation. With tapered insulation, the slope of the flat roof, necessary for the drainage, is created via the insulation boards themselves. A chape is then superfluous, which means that the contractor can work faster. Recticel always supplies a customised installation plan. Eurothane Silver also has all the necessary certificates and quality labels: CE, Keymark, FM Approved, ATG and ATG/H and finally PEFC."

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Read the blog article with the visions of the architects Frederik Vaes (UAU Collectiv) and Bart Thijs.

Discover the vision of the architects

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To help the construction industry grow we must take a step back

To help the construction industry grow we must take a step back

Building the home of the future also means looking into the future of the construction industry. Frederik Vaes (UAU Collectiv) and Bart Thijs, two architects behind our new ‘Living Tomorrow’ campus, see several important developments. “The soaring prices of energy and building materials and the importance of sustainability are forcing us to look beyond the latest gadgets and attractive design”, they say.

Sustainable insulation at Recticel

Sustainable insulation at Recticel

From now on, many of Recticel's insulation products will have PEFC certification. This means that the paper in the multi-layer facer of the insulation panels comes from forests that are managed in a sustainable way. Recticel is therefore the first of all pir/pur manufacturers to be allowed to carry the PEFC quality mark for its insulation solutions.

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