Digitised shop concept

The Miele Experience Centers are a great success abroad. And that is not surprising. Being able to discover for yourself how kitchen appliances can make your life easier makes your choice considerably easier. The intention is therefore that, after Antwerp and Hasselt, more Miele Experience Centers will be opened in other cities. After all, a strong presence in the city centre is the best way to reach people. These small shop concepts are also super accessible. Everyone can walk in and, with the aid of digital tools such as iPads for example, effortlessly find their way to the Miele appliances that are right for them.

Passion for the brand

With the opening of the Miele Experience Centers, Miele is taking yet another step in its progressive information and sales strategy. In Belgium, Miele already has two large Experience Centers: one on the Avenue Louise in the heart of Brussels and one in Mollem. In these unique surroundings, you can see, feel and taste how the sustainable high-tech household appliances make life easier. You can also go there for many workshops and events and, of course, for customised product advice.

The main objective of the Miele Experience Centers is to introduce people to the Miele experience. For the sale of appliances, electrical shops and of course the Miele Centers remain of great importance. The staff at these mono-brand shops have a passion for the brand and are true Miele experts who offer a unique service.

Test with fast delivery

Anyone wishing to order their Miele appliance online can do so at the Miele webshop or at the many webshops of its partners. Miele is currently testing a super fast online delivery service. In concrete terms, this means that you can order an appliance online and have it delivered to your home in principle two hours later. This is particularly useful if your washing machine or dishwasher suddenly stops working.


The aspect of sustainability is of great importance to Miele. All Miele products are made to last 20 years and are manufactured with a large amount of reusable materials. Since two years you can also visit the Miele online outlet. Products that leave the range or returns with minor damage are given a second life there.

Cautious consumer

When you hear Miele, you often immediately think of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and hoovers, and perhaps not immediately of kitchen appliances. This is precisely why there is always an active kitchen in the Experience Centres, where culinary workshops are organised and the numerous advantages of the Miele ovens, hobs and other kitchen appliances are demonstrated. For one thing is certain: the current economic situation has made consumers a little more cautious, but the interest in a kitchen that fully meets personal expectations continues to rise. Combi-steam ovens for healthier cooking and fridges with zero degree zones for storing fish or meat are becoming increasingly popular.

Miele Experience center
Miele Experience center

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