How can we access our health data through apps without risking data privacy? How can we use robotics (safely and ethically) for our healthcare? Or monitor/treat patients remotely safely and efficiently? A new 'think lab' around the future of our healthcare with among others the ex-CEO of Janssen Pharmaceutica, CEO Medtronic Benelux and several university professors - wants to find the answers to this. "In the next three years we want to develop a framework and also test this in practice in a Smart Health Lab in the new Living Tomorrow building," explains health-innovation expert and think lab chairman Rudy Mattheus. How can we make the person more central, personalized and with attention to the quality of life, are a few examples he gives.

The corona pandemic has made the need for accelerated technological innovation and digitalization in healthcare clearer than ever. It has shown us the benefits of mRNA development, remote patient monitoring, mobile clinics, contact-tracing apps, digital registration modules, teleconsultation, and personal protection... innovations that increase the quality, efficiency, and safety of care. It is therefore the time to keep surfing this wave of innovation.

Living Tomorrow therefore wants to contribute to the future of healthcare by bundling knowledge and expertise in a neutral way and translating it into reality. "Our country has a great number of technical possibilities and knowledge in the field of innovative healthcare and medical validations, but it is not always easy to use them," explains Mattheus. "Often there are ethical, legal, economic, political... obstacles to overcome, and a holistic approach is crucial. It is no easy task for innovative start-ups to find their way in this, validate it and scale it up. As a result, it often takes a very long time before a new idea can be implemented, and the enormous potential of many innovations thus remains underutilized. This is not only detrimental to master crisis situations, such as a pandemic, but also to arm ourselves against (health) challenges caused by overpopulation, an aging population, higher health costs, increased mental pressure, more and new chronic diseases...", with little attention to prevention and empowerment.

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