The European Green Deal, with its goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, entails significant changes in the requirements for buildings. CO₂ becomes a new currency and the CO₂ value of a building represents a major factor in all future investments and tenders. In this, circularity plays a major role.

One of the broadcasts of the program "Doe Maar Duurzaam" (Just do it sustainably) on VTM was entirely devoted to this. And that a lot is already possible was demonstrated by the visit of presenter Christophe to our Innovation Campus, with Joep Römgens of Schüco as host.

Joep explains the importance of an holistic view on decarbonization: We are supporting our partners on the path to a CO₂-neutral future.

Schüco supports architects, fabricators, operators and investors to meet the increasing sustainability requirements imposed by law and demanded by clients, to find appropriate competitive solutions to increasingly complex tenders and to avoid investment risks. ´It starts with bringing all stakeholders to the table as early as possible.´ Schüco Carbon Control makes decarbonising the building envelope manageable. It enables building-specific CO₂ reduction in all phases of construction – planning, construction, operation and recycling. Through our comprehensive package, which brings together the CO₂-reducing products and services from Schüco, we actively assist those involved in construction to adhere to the climate policy aspects of building regulation requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

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HOLCIM organized an event in Obourg to discuss the implementation of its GO4ZERO project. The event also featured a virtual display of the project using augmented reality technology. GO4ZERO is one of the most innovative and ambitious decarbonization projects in the cement industry. GO4ZERO represents an industrial-scale implementation of Europe's Green Deal Industrial Plan.

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