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Experience sophistication in the Auditorium at Living Tomorrow: nestled in the heart of our Innovation Campus in Vilvoorde, just a stone's throw from Brussels, this polished venue seamlessly combines grandeur with practicality. With tiered seating for an unobstructed view, spacious interiors, and top-notch audiovisual capabilities, our Auditorium is designed for impactful presentations and successful events, such as press conferences or seminars.

Our voco™ team ensures a flawless experience, committed to your success. Elevate your corporate engagements in the Auditorium—where every detail is tailored for effective presentations, making each moment a step towards success.

This meeting room is perfect for you if...

  • 150 people
  • Lectern
  • Built-in translation booth
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  • You need a comfortable and inclusive setting for large meetings, conferences and presentations, welcoming up to 150 guests.
  • You are organising an event with an international character and seamless multilingual communication is essential. Our built-in translation booth breaks down language barriers for smooth interaction.
  • You are looking for a venue that breathes innovation and creativity, ideal for events where cutting-edge technological developments are key.

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