Everyone knows us, Schüco, of course for our innovative product solutions for the building envelope, but that Schüco is also a specialist in digital technologies is perhaps less known. Software, AR, VR, Machines, hardware interfaces are also part of our product palette. Living Tomorrow shows visions of living, working and life in the future. As a partner in this project, we are strongly committed to innovation in the construction sector. We are already using a hologram table for product and project presentations, but this is only the beginning.... An innovative and above all social concept of immersive technologies. Despite the daily use of smartphones, self-driving electric cars and other technical gadgets, holograms still feel like science fiction. As Schüco, as an innovator, we want to use this technology to make the construction sector future proof.

Hologram table

At the hologram table, four people can view and interact with the same model from different perspectives. The table has an area of 4 m2 and uses trillions of light atoms to create dynamic digital renderings of almost any conceivable three-dimensional image or object. Those at the table can interact with architectural models or urban landscapes, zoom in to see even the smallest details with precision, and rotate to see things from a different perspective. It is even possible to design directly in the 3-dimensional view. This makes every adjustment visually ´tangible´ for architects and clients. For the installation of this hologram table, they called on the specialist tech company TEKLE, which takes holographics technology to a higher level.

Social aspect

Immersive technologies are generally regarded as less social, but a hologram on the hologram table completely removes this prejudice. No one has to wear an annoying VR headset. Whereas in a VR environment you quickly lose touch with the environment around you, thanks to the hologram table you stay in touch with your conversation partners. Client, architect and resident discover a project together in an interactive way around the hologram table! A pair of motion-sensitive glasses, similar to sunglasses, is all you need. Sensors integrated into the glasses detect the position of the viewer's eyes and ensure that a perspective correct 3D image is always visible on the hologram table.


Living Tomorrow is the ideal home base for our hologram table. Together with our partners, we are experimenting with this technology and looking for exciting synergies. How do we find new partners in this playing field? And how do we reinforce each other, with the aim of taking the entire sector to the next level of innovation? With the hologram table we explore numerous possibilities for the construction sector and other markets.

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