Smart home

Smart Home automation is the future

The houses of tomorrow will not look the same as the ones we live in today. Both in materials as in design. But they will also work differently. New innovations, new services and new technologies will shape how we live.

Smart Mobility

The future is on the move

Our roads are ever-evolving. New technologies such as self-driving or electric cars offer exciting opportunities for public transport and logistics. Mobility is no longer a means, it’s a service. As we see personal technologies advancing, the way we define mobility will also change.

Smart health

Healthcare as a science

As we learn more about our bodies, we will know how to take better care of ourselves. How will we produce healthier food, find new ways of exercise and create less harmful tech, like zero-emission solutions? Or what's the role AI will play in healthcare?

Smart buildings

Hyperconnected places on the outlook

Innovative materials offer new opportunities for structures. And technology does the same for buildings, indoors and outdoors. The internet of things connects everything and offers exciting possibilities in home automation, communication and lighting. What does the office, house, shop, restaurant or hotel of the future look like?

Smart Cities

How smart can a city get?

What is the city of the future? Will smart cities mold how we live, work and play together? And how will we communicate with our government or educate ourselves?

Insights & stories

The applications of 6G: what will it change?

The applications of 6G: what will it change?

Looking ahead to 2030 and beyond, the improvement of the network and capabilities of XR terminals will push XR technology into an era of full immersion. XR or ‘extended reality’ is an umbrella term for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). What real life applications can we expect, roughly in a decade from now?

First autonomous, zero-emission delivery robots to be deployed on a large scale in America

First autonomous, zero-emission delivery robots to be deployed on a large scale in America

Soon – possibly sooner than we think - our online orders will be delivered to our homes by a self-driving or even flying and, moreover, non-polluting robot. In fact, two American companies using such robots have already received the licences required to roll out autonomous deliveries in the coming months in Silicon Valley. “So it’s just a matter of time before we see them flying and driving around here as well”, anticipates Joachim De Vos.

Welcome to the world… in 6G

Welcome to the world… in 6G

Imagine a teleconference, with holograms instead of a checkerboard of faces. Or digital communication including smell, hearing and touch, in addition to sight and sound. Pure science fiction? Not really. It is what researchers think possible by 2030, through 6G. Today, we are surrounded by digital technologies that make our lives easier. Tomorrow, the immersive experience of 6G will blur the boundaries between the digital and physical world.

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