The Innovation Workshop

Are you looking for a full-day offsite on innovation? In that case this workshop format is the right one for you. It consists of three parts:

  1. The Future Trends Session
  2. The interactive Inspiration Tour
  3. The Innovation Workshop

Participants are divided into small teams and are carefully guided by our team of experienced Innovation Consultants. The right tools will be provided to allow all participants to find innovative opportunities through idea generation. These ideas are then classified based on a number of criteria and value propositions.

Business models are built during break-out sessions. Naturally, these can be related to your current portfolio or business queries, which we will submit to a stress test in anticipation of the near future.

The workshop is the best investment in the case that you want to take a head start in innovation ‘bootcampstyle’ with your team(s), customers and stakeholders. It is a healthy mix of fun, relaxation and top education. No boring theory, but always linked to practice. It’s all about sharing knowledge with other partners and receiving feedback from countless visitors.

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Willem Jan

Willem-Jan Jacobs

Willem-Jan Jacobs is sales director at Living Tomorrow and has more than 10 years of experience in smart buildings, smart mobility, and energy.

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