Things are changing fast. We live in uncertain times. Sport is of all times. But modern sport (as we know it today) is definitely going to change. Many things in professional sports are on edge, think about the revenue model, for example, but also the rise of e-sports and online sports courses. How will this evolve in the future? Or how do we want it to evolve and how can we do that? How will the continued digitization of the world only further emphasize the importance of exercise?

In this keynote, Griet will address the following themes in an inspiring way:

  • What is the Future of Sports?
  • What are trends and unprecedented developments?
  • How will these evolutions affect sport in the future?
  • How can we prepare for a future we do not know?
  • How can we shape the Future of Sports and how can we make it happen?

This keynote can be given in English and Dutch.
Also read the white paper she wrote for SportSupport Rotterdam here.

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